What are the Top Mistakes you can Avoid as an Entrepreneur?

I’ve had many entrepreneurs say failure is what made them successful. And many investors say they won’t commit capital to an entrepreneur starting a new business unless they have endured challenges before. However, no business owner wants to fail, so how should one view mistakes? As part of the learning process. I often tell people, you […]

Flexing the Middle Management Muscle

Over three million employees have left their jobs voluntarily every month since June 2017, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keeping good employees is becoming harder and harder for employers, and retention is at an all-time low. There are many reasons why employees quit their companies to go elsewhere. In fact, when the […]

How Leaders Can Find the Truth in Their Companies

It’s human nature for information to become filtered as it moves up and through an organization. The number of direct reports managers have can vary from just a few to dozens of employees. With each level of management, business leaders often get further away from the front lines and their customers, and, with each stage […]

What Will Put You Out of Business?

I have asked hundreds of businesses and organizations this question as the starting point in planning for the future, and I always find it fascinating that a majority of leaders have never asked it of themselves. In fact, when the question is raised, I am usually met by blank stares. Make no mistakes, this is […]

Own Your Ink: Living Out What You Claim To Do

Ever heard the phrase, “You can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk?” It’s all about taking ownership for what you claim to be or know. Have you ever been a part of—or worked with—a company that, from the outside looking in, seemed to be successful, but upon taking a closer look, had […]

$10,000 Moments

Over the years I have found many entrepreneurs and leaders struggle to balance the demands of the urgent versus thoughtful forward-looking planning and strategy. Often referred to as working in the business compared to working on the business. In fact, the technology designed to increase personal productivity such as cell phones, email, texting, and other […]