Is Your Company Prepared to Grow Fast?

Successful executives exude magnetism, confidence, and vision. They consistently think steps ahead of everyone else in the organization, and inspire staff to act upon a dream of what the business can achieve.

The energy of its founder is enough to propel a small business forward. A fast growth small business, though, quickly becomes the victim of its own success. An expanding mismatch between scale and organization can kill a good business. In fact, one in four high-growth businesses fail within six years. Successful leaders can avoid this fate by going slow, monitoring their dashboard of key indicators, and creating a roadmap for the future.

If you are a business leader looking for proven ways to better your growing company, this assessment is for you. The ten short questions that follow serve to evaluate your organization’s preparedness for the consequences of rapid growth.

Approach each question with honesty and self-awareness. Choose the responses that most accurately reflect your experience, not the answers you feel you “should” choose. Based on your results, you will receive a set of personalized feedback as well as practical next steps to start guiding your company to peak performance.

This will only take a few minutes of your time, and the results could dramatically change the life cycle of your business. Get started below.

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