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I have had this antique Burroughs adding machine in my office going back to my days as a practicing CPA. It serves as a symbolic reminder to me to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness so that businesses don’t fail. It also reminds me that just because it works doesn’t mean we should continue to use it. What antique technology, processes, or systems do you have in your business? What metaphorical gears do you need to shift?

Brent R. Tilson
In GO SLOW TO GROW FAST (ForbesBooks, 2018)

The Tilson Advantage

Building and growing a prosperous company is a difficult proposition, even for the experienced serial entrepreneur. Typically, the leaders who succeed are those who Go Slow and invest the time to strategically think and execute, minimizing the fluctuations that occur when a business outgrows it underlying capabilities. These leaders are better positioned to manage their company’s lifeline and anticipate disruptors that will greatly impact their business model.

The most common roadblock for entrepreneurs on this journey is the simple lack of practical tools, methodologies, and advice to navigate the complex road to high-performing business. Today’s business world is as fast-paced and competitive as it has ever been, and companies that are underperforming must act quickly, or else risk going out of business.

Over the past twenty-five years, Brent R. Tilson has provided organizations and their leaders with business services, tools, and strategies to build high-performance companies. His motto is “Go Slow to Grow Fast,” and through his coaching and consulting services and proprietary business resources he helps leaders step back from their day-to-day work, look at the big picture, and learn to grow effectively.

Coaching And Consulting

The advice you act on is only as good as the people you get it from. Brent and his colleagues at Tilson HR have been helping clients thrive for over twenty years. Today, they’re ready to do it for you. Brent’s team is highly trained and highly credentialed. When you hire Tilson, it’s like hiring a complete C-level team to handle your HR, payroll, compliance and other key tasks. Whether you need guidance with long-range goals, short-term planning, or anything in between, Brent is here to help.

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